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  • Why You Should Stay On a Farm in Kenya

    Experience the best of rural Kenya when you stay on a farm. You can choose to get active with our daily activities, such as feeding calves, or just relax and enjoy the gentle pace of farm life.

    For children, is there a better fun way of spending their holiday than with farm animals, cycling, and trying fun outdoor activities? We think not!

    Why Should I Stay on a Farm in Kenya?

    Maybe you have asked yourself this question? we did too before venturing into nature and discovering the benefits of staying on a farm. Here are just but a few of them.

    • Enjoy scenic hikes and walks.
    • Get surrounded by animals.
    • Enjoy the peace that comes with camping outdoors.
    • You experience the idyll life in the countryside.
    • Eat Fresh products sourced directly from the garden.
    • Connect with friends and family by a campfire at night.
    • Listen to Nature sounds and the freedom of the great outdoors.
    • Play games and try new activities with Kids.
    • Relax in a comfortable, serene, and homely stay.

    Are you looking for a healthy vacation venue for your family? A place with plenty of games and activities to keep your children excited and occupied?

    Visit Lesioi Farm and Experience the joy of tending farm animals and plants, explore the garden and orchard, relax, and enjoy the tranquility of farm life.

    We have a Family Friendly Farmstay dedicated to giving families a safe and memorable experience.

    Besides the stay, you will have the opportunity to feed calves, take care of plants, tend the vegetable garden, relax at the arboretum, enjoy fresh meals, or just relax by the farmside!

    We are open for lunch visits, full day and night stays, and whole weekend experience.

    Come and enjoy the farmside – and the farmfresh!


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