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Farm Stay & Camp


Relax and unwind at our Rustic Farm Stay or Camp under the stars.
Whichever choice you make, your mornings will be fresh!

Lesioi Farm Stay Options

Farm Stay Options

4 Whole Weekend Farm Experience
3 Full-Day & Night Farm Experience
2 Farm Camping Experience
1 Farm Themed Customized Events

Family Stay Self Catering

(Fits a small family | Fully Furnished)

Full day and night farm experience

  • Kshs 7,500/=
  • Self Catering fee 1,000/=

A Whole Weekend Farm Experience
Friday evening – Sunday midday

  • Kshs 12,000/=
  • Self Catering fee 1,500/=

Farm Picnic (Snacks Served on Order)

  • Kshs 1,500/- Adults (Kids Kshs 500/-)

Farm Stay Fresh Meals

– Kshs 700/= Per Person (Kids (4-10 yrs) Kshs 500/=)

– Kshs 1,500/= Per Person (Kids (4-10 yrs) Kshs 800/=)

– Kshs 1,500/= Per Person (Kids (4-10 yrs) Kshs 800/=)

If Self Catering, you can purchase fresh farm produce at farm prices which include Fresh milk, Yoghurt, Mala, Mursik, and indigenous Vegetables.


Farm Stay