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  • Why You Should Stay On a Farm in Kenya

    Experience the best of rural Kenya when you stay on a farm. You can choose to get active with our daily activities, such as feeding calves, or just relax and enjoy the gentle pace of farm life.

    For children, is there a better fun way of spending their holiday than with farm animals, cycling, and trying fun outdoor activities? We think not!

    Why Should I Stay on a Farm in Kenya?

    Maybe you have asked yourself this question? we did too before venturing into nature and discovering the benefits of staying on a farm. Here are just but a few of them.

    • Enjoy scenic hikes and walks.
    • Get surrounded by animals.
    • Enjoy the peace that comes with camping outdoors.
    • You experience the idyll life in the countryside.
    • Eat Fresh products sourced directly from the garden.
    • Connect with friends and family by a campfire at night.
    • Listen to Nature sounds and the freedom of the great outdoors.
    • Play games and try new activities with Kids.
    • Relax in a comfortable, serene, and homely stay.

    Are you looking for a healthy vacation venue for your family? A place with plenty of games and activities to keep your children excited and occupied?

    Visit Lesioi Farm and Experience the joy of tending farm animals and plants, explore the garden and orchard, relax, and enjoy the tranquility of farm life.

    We have a Family Friendly Farmstay dedicated to giving families a safe and memorable experience.

    Besides the stay, you will have the opportunity to feed calves, take care of plants, tend the vegetable garden, relax at the arboretum, enjoy fresh meals, or just relax by the farmside!

    We are open for lunch visits, full day and night stays, and whole weekend experience.

    Come and enjoy the farmside – and the farmfresh!


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  • Farm Vacations and Agritourism in Kenya

    Make your next vacation something different. Spend it in the fresh air, with fresh meals, and have plenty of peace and serenity. Enjoy fun games and activities to keep you busy—but not too busy to stop for a farm-fresh yogurt or walk in the garden. When you book a farm stay accommodation in Kenya, you are assured to have the time of your life.

    Farm Vacations and Agritourism

    Farms vacations are rising in popularity in the country, and here’s the reason why. You get to stay at a working farm and enjoy all the benefits of the countryside (like the peace and serenity we mentioned). Farm hosts are usually locals and they give you all the inside ideas on things to do nearby. However, you will probably end up never leaving the farm side due to the fun and educational activities included.

    If you are still wondering why a farm stays, here are a few things you can do while on a farm.

    Farm Vacations & Holidays

    Farm Stays are a great family and children’s holiday destination as they incorporate games and fun activities. They offer a variety of accommodation options for groups, families, and individuals such as cottages, farm stays, camping sites, and treehouses.

    Customized Events

    Besides having attractive stays, farms are great locations for private events. These events include; birthday celebrations, Chama meetings, baby showers, small club events, friend’s hangout, and family outings.

    Lunch and Dinners

    We all love fresh food and there is nowhere else better than directly from the source – the farm. You only need to place and have your fresh meals ready by the time you are done with a farm tour.

    Organized Tours

    In addition to family holidays, visits, and customized events, many Farms offers adventure tours to the nearby attractions. You get a chance to explore the rural paths like a local while staying on a country farm.

    Unique experiences

    Farm stays are unmatched “accommodation” options when it comes to offering unique experiences. At a farm, you spend your vacation feeding animals, cycling, milking cows, tending gardens, caring for plants, and much, much more.

    Farm tours

    You can opt to spend part of your day learning about how farms work. Most farms offer tours and tasting adventures. Learn how tea is grown, cheese is made, coffee is brewed, or even plant some vegetables.

    Children Holidays

    Kid’s friendly farm create unforgettable memories for children. They get an opportunity to feed calves, collect eggs, sow seeds, and play fun farm games.

    Farm Shops

    You don’t necessarily have to spend a weekend on a farm to experience its magic. All you need to do is order products like fresh vegetables, flowers, milk, and fruits to connect with its freshness.

    Spend the night on a farm, sleep outdoors in a tent, in a cottage, or relax by the farm side.

  • Welcome to Lesioi Farm Stay & Camp in Limuru

    Vacations on a farm have been around for some time and are becoming popular with Kenyans. While farmer’s markets bring farm produce close to the city centers, Farm Stays invites people to stay in the country and experience a fresh lifestyle whether for a whole weekend or just a night. With Stays ranging from outdoor camping to a farm stay, there is a luxurious experience for everyone looking for affordable vacations, fresh air, fresh meals, and relaxing.

    What is a Farm Stay

    A farm stay is an accommodation type where guests stay on a working farm. It can be either interactive or non-interactive. Some farms – like Lesioi Farm – offers both an Interactive experience and a peaceful and quiet stay. Farm Stays are a better way to vacation away from the cities for families and an opportunity to learn how farms operate.

    About Lesioi Farm Stay

    Started in 2014, Lesioi Farm is a family-friendly farm located in the green countryside of Limuru, Kenya. The farm offers guests a unique experience for people who want to escape the urban either for a night or a whole weekend.

    What Can You Do at Lesioi Farm

    Stay at the Farm

    The farm has the option of either camping outdoors under the sky or a Farm Stay. Whichever choice you make, you will wake up fresh and energized!

    Visit the Farm

    If you want to appreciate the daily work on a farm, Lesio Farm offers tours on the farm to guests on request. You will engage in activities such as plants and animal care, tending the organic vegetable garden, and much more.

    Customized events

    Celebrate your day by the farm side and enjoy fresh farm meals. Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, Chama meeting, or friends Mbuzi hangout, Lesioi farm has enough space for you.

    Day Picnic

    Enjoy a day out under the trees or walking around the farm. Lesioi Farm has got a full day and half-day picnic options just for you!

    Buy Fresh Produce

    You also can order vegetables, fruits, and dairy products from the farm shop. The products are fresh and not the dairy products are preservative-free.

    Play Games

    There are many activities to engage in at the farm both for adults and children. At night guests can tell stories by the campfire or play games – football, archery, badminton, and others – during the day.

    Visit Lesioi Farm

    Stay at the Farm: Choose between Camping and Farm Stay.

    Farm Store: Shop for Fresh Products and have them delivered to your doorstep.


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