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Welcome to Lesioi Farm Stay & Camp

Vacations on a farm have been around for some time and are becoming popular with Kenyans. While farmer’s markets bring farm produce close to the city centers, Farm Stays invites people to stay in the country and experience a fresh lifestyle whether for a whole weekend or just a night. With Stays ranging from outdoor camping to a farm stay, there is a luxurious experience for everyone looking for affordable vacations, fresh air, fresh meals, and relaxing.

What is a Farm Stay

A farm stay is an accommodation type where guests stay on a working farm. It can be either interactive or non-interactive. Some farms – like Lesioi Farm – offers both an Interactive experience and a peaceful and quiet stay. Farm Stays are a better way to vacation away from the cities for families and an opportunity to learn how farms operate.

About Lesioi Farm Stay

Started in 2014, Lesioi Farm is a family-friendly farm located in the green countryside of Limuru, Kenya. The farm offers guests a unique experience for people who want to escape the urban either for a night or a whole weekend.

What Can You Do at Lesioi Farm

Stay at the Farm

The farm has the option of either camping outdoors under the sky or a Farm Stay. Whichever choice you make, you will wake up fresh and energized!

Visit the Farm

If you want to appreciate the daily work on a farm, Lesio Farm offers tours on the farm to guests on request. You will engage in activities such as plants and animal care, tending the organic vegetable garden, and much more.

Customized events

Celebrate your day by the farm side and enjoy fresh farm meals. Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, Chama meeting, or friends Mbuzi hangout, Lesioi farm has enough space for you.

Day Picnic

Enjoy a day out under the trees or walking around the farm. Lesioi Farm has got a full day and half-day picnic options just for you!

Buy Fresh Produce

You also can order vegetables, fruits, and dairy products from the farm shop. The products are fresh and not the dairy products are preservative-free.

Play Games

There are many activities to engage in at the farm both for adults and children. At night guests can tell stories by the campfire or play games – football, archery, badminton, and others – during the day.

Visit Lesioi Farm

Stay at the Farm: Choose between Camping and Farm Stay.

Farm Store: Shop for Fresh Products and have them delivered to your doorstep.


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